Here and There

It is an amazing and mysterious experience once again on this Wednesday, 2022.

Wednesday, 2022. That alone is mysterious. Two small signposts humans have created. A time in an existence that we have given a name. I was driving home from work yesterday. There is a long stretch of highway linking the city where our employers are and town in which we live. The sky last night heading west was still tinted with the yellowy hue from the sun just disappearing behind the horizon. Grayish blue streaks of clouds rested above the line that I could see as I traveled–a good five miles or so visible horizontally. There were familiar barren tree lines and landmarks along the way. The darkened deciduous, painted black in front of a backdrop of orange, amber, pink and blue. I thought about this old familiar road that we have traveled so many times and just how peaceful this place is; and it is a beautiful planet. We live in a beautiful world. I thought about the complexity we as humans make of it all as I headed into this visual masterpiece. One that doesn’t care about the time, or name. This mysterious natural world that has no desire to be called something. Just to exist, like the bird at our window.

There was also a thought in my travel on this stretch of land pertaining to just what it all came from–the plants, sun and sky. How? Like the paintings I’ve been doing lately, these things I am able to see have depth, character, color. They are seen with my eyes and interpreted within me, forming another signpost for me to behold. I sat with the voice in my head, going over the joyous pleasure it brought about. Again, all of the question and reason could not pinpoint an answer to the mystery of existence. A selfish belief in a manlike god who, like me, designed and crafted, all before me. It brought on a laugh and a shaking head. I’m so tired of religion and its deceiving impressions. The natural world never designed a god for itself.

I look into the eyes of beasts and the details of plant life and wonder, but all the while I only see a reflection of myself. The same elements thrown into a void, taking on different dimensions. Dimensions we can then name.

I have another journey ahead. Another day in a time, so we say.

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