What A Gig It Is!

Weekends are somewhat not busy for the majority of the time, and being a laborer throughout the week, well, that is just fine with me. If I can just relax and do things I enjoy for a while, then the refresh button seems to make life much easier come Monday. Friday night began with a painting session, which I’m now obsessed with, and I crafted up another landscape scene. Bob Ross rocks. I stayed up until the early hours of the morning, slept for maybe four hours, and yet again I started painting some more happy little trees.

Being tired I’ve noticed has a lot of pull on the emotional. In years before I had a lot of sleep problems linked to thought patterns and the anxiety because of them. I did a lot of research and experimentation to reach this realization of just how much my mind, in its multi-faceted complexities effects the rest of the body. What’s cool about this awareness is now, instead of getting bummed, I know what being tired could do to me. Saturday morning though, I was anxious to paint again. Can’t help it, I’m hooked, and I love it.

I cried with the tincture of sorrow and joy, and prelude to this was the song, The Great Gig in The Sky that played on my stereo. For decades I’ve been listening to this song, and I know that because of my fatigue the beauty of the woman’s emotional voice in the song hit me in a much different way. It had me looking back on many different times in the life behind me, but it also served as a reminder of not only the mind/body link, but also the simplistic beauty of instrument and voice. Art, in the raw and wonderous form. Like the paintings, and life, it is the masterpieces we create with each sequence of action taken that defines our world. Here is the song, and the painting from Saturday…

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