Someone’s Nonsense

The day is already off to an uncomfortable start, because I went to bed last night feeling awful and now I’m sick. It’s been a while since I’ve been under the weather and it’s also been a while since I’ve written anything. Guess I’ll take the time to do so since moving sounds like something I’d rather not do today.

This blog and the WordPress site are kind of on the back burner. I’m at a point in my life where the writing I needed in order to sort through myself while glorifying God is not really what I care to do anymore. I’m burned out on both. The words are already pounded into my brain and what I’ve taken from it all is like the information learned in order to perform a task. It’s not like I have to keep going over it when it’s already there. And truly, most of the things I had learned about God are questionable.

When I tried to make everything in this life and myself about the God of the Bible, it never–ever–seemed like the truth to me. I never had the Holy Spirit telling me how to go about things, I only had a decision to make. Decisions, based upon the book, never really did anything that resulted with a perfect outcome. I only found myself full of more anguish than before, then I’d be on my knees asking an invisible deity for answers and a different way. The fight between what I had battled with, which seems now as a facade and a lie, “His will and my will.” The damage done while trying desperately to put faith in the Bible, and believing that I truly knew that it was all legit.

Really the only thing that worked was weighing what is beneficial and rational for myself. But, no, don’t do that! The God of the Bible forbids it. Unless you are “born again” you are never going to make anything out of yourself. Ok, well, not true, I’ve concluded.

Maybe they, whomever that is, whether it be Rome or a bunch of weird delusional control freaks, manipulated the masses in order to control them by using a Jesus and a devil story. There’s no proof that either exist, and there is no solid evidence showing that any of the writers of the book were legitimate people. Also, time and forgery could very well have carved a farce for the current religious beliefs. I mean just look at all of the divisions we find in Christianity, as well as interpretations of the Bible. That Holy Spirit is pretty busy messing up everything. It confuses everyone supposedly being led by Him? I mean, really?

So, the understanding of myself is not based upon what was found in the Bible. It is found in what I’ve come to understand about the conditioned mind, my genetic makeup, what I choose and discard and what I allow to stick. The God thing, well, I don’t care. No one has figured it out yet, and how selfish it is to believe the Bible is the answer to all of this. Living in fear–I think people love it. Fear is the reason the world is dying, so why not have a hope–Jesus–to bail us out? But I believe it starts with the individual and their sole decision to deliver good into the world in order for the hell on earth to be extinguished. An afterlife is questionable, but heaven and hell are obtainable here and now. Now: the only time we have.

The blog and WordPress…I don’t know? Maybe I’ll keep it up. Over nine hundred people started following my crap for some reason.

Enjoy your day. My body is physically feeling like a messy pot of slop, but at least I have a nice recliner and some good coffee to comfort me.

4 thoughts on “Someone’s Nonsense

  1. Good post. It’s been 3 years since I’ve posted anything on wordpress. I got burned out too. But this past week I discovered I miss writing and feel the long hiatus has brought back afresh the desire to write about God, the Bible, my life and thoughts. Maybe God wanted me doing other things these last 3 years and focusing more of my attention elsewhere. Life often gets in the way and our hobbies, writings, etc gets tossed aside. But I used the time learning and growing in my spiritual walk. On another note: I agree with you about all these divisions in Christianity. How busy the Holy Spirit must be in straightening some of us out.

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