Time Ago

There was a time this morning where our cat sat on my lap while purring. She has this habit of sitting there when the first cup of coffee is poured and I’m perched on the barstool. We enjoy each other’s company.

While she purred and sat in peaceful relaxation, it struck me. I thought back on all that has passed away. People, other pets, even thoughts and emotions. It went deeper into the inanimate objects that also wither in time, falling apart and disappearing.

My cat will die. So will I. So have the things that had been recaptured within my thoughts this morning. Even those very thoughts are now gone. Gone.

As she jumped down to enjoy her food, I appreciated our moment together. Moments: the only time we have, strung together as the earth spins through a fraction of space. It’s interesting to me—we are just made up of stardust, crafted with a beautiful array of memories, moments, and experiences of a past we hold onto. Many cling to a future of uncertainty, and they miss the magnificence right before them, hoping for greater things beyond the now.

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