From Victim, To Victor

For many years, I was a victim. A prisoner, trapped within my own negative thoughts. Nothing was ever good, love did not have much room in my heart, and I truly hated not only myself, but living. Everyday seemed like a challenge. I would find many things to numb the pain of the life I had lived as a kid, and the life I was living as a young man.
I have learned to overcome the battles of drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety, anger and many bad habits. All of this was possible through the healing power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. It was not until I started my walk with the Lord that my life began to change dramatically. I slowly began to heal from the deep scars of the past.
My blog covers areas of my past and present, and how I am evolving through His grace. My experiences are here to bring joy, peace, hope and an uplifting message to my readers. I wake each morning and write, sharing the ups and downs of my ever-changing journey through words. I pray that each reader receives something positive from my writings, and the Lord receives all of the glory. May your days be blessed. Thanks for visiting!