The Thought Leads

As a man thinks, so is he. I heard this many years ago, far before learning of its context, and I am not, in any way, saying or using this to promote the power of attraction. I am not using this in the context as the Proverb does. It’s just a statement, relative to what I am writing this morning. There has been so many … Continue reading The Thought Leads

Our Deadly Combination

I lived within a dysfunctional family. I was once engaged to a woman who had a mother with many problems. Her mom would stay with us for extended periods of time. She was addicted to opiates, and had a plastic pill container full of the daily doses of her medications. Way too many to count. I remember the Tupperware containers full of her prescriptions that … Continue reading Our Deadly Combination

The Root Of Low Self-Esteem

“With a healthy self-esteem, we like ourselves because of who we are and not because of what we can or cannot do. On the other hand, low self-esteem fosters many unhealthy behaviors. Even though we might become aware of these behavioral problems, it’s often a difficult task to change them unless the root of the problem, low self-esteem, is dealt with first.” – Dr. Vincent … Continue reading The Root Of Low Self-Esteem

A Sealed Bottle of Rhetorical Questions

What do we have bottled up, that is keeping us within the vice of uncertainty? Are the things that hindered security within our childhoods, keeping us in a bondage of some sort, as adults? Do we run from our fears today, because we have never taken the time to release those fears of yesterday? Do we hold fear close to us, because the thought of … Continue reading A Sealed Bottle of Rhetorical Questions