His Cocktail Of Chaos

There is a guy I have known for nearly ten years. A quiet man who obviously lives with a lot of frustration. He is in his late fifties, has no children, has never been married and lives alone. I know a few things about him that have really made my heart bleed for him on more than one occasion. From the little I have gathered … Continue reading His Cocktail Of Chaos

I’m Not At Peace

I’m not always a happy-go-lucky guy. In fact, I’m downright perturbed at times. This morning, I am thinking deeply about some of the facts within my life. To “count it all joy,” as it says in James 1:2-4, is not always a realistic thing for me to accomplish. My heart is full of real struggles, many emotions, and a loving relationship that is communicated through … Continue reading I’m Not At Peace

Our Needs Vs. Our Greeds

We are greedy, are we not? We have an insatiable appetite for more. We must acquire! But really, how much is enough? Are we ever fulfilled? I have a different appetite than the next guy. We are all unique, and we all have different needs. I don’t need a Jaguar to transport myself to a six-figure place of employment, but my neighbor does. Perhaps he … Continue reading Our Needs Vs. Our Greeds

A Clearer View Of My Yesterdays

Why do we complicate this life that God has given us? It was a marvelous world when I was very young. I had a very peaceful place that I would visit quite often called “grandma and grandpa’s house,” and they had a very big yard that I would explore. There were many different types of trees, beautiful rose bushes, a garden full of different types … Continue reading A Clearer View Of My Yesterdays

The Signs That We Keep Passing By

Another day of His choosing. He has blessed me with another day, and for that I am thankful. I am also thankful for the things that He has been showing me this past week. I watched a few good movies over the weekend, and they really spoke to me. They were movies that had a message of the healing power of the Lord. I didn’t … Continue reading The Signs That We Keep Passing By

The Spotlight Is Incredibly Blinding

What we accomplish has great reward. We set out to do a good deed, or go to a school in order to receive a degree. We work our way up the ladder within the corporate world. As we progress in whatever success we have dedicated ourselves to, we reflect on the work that we have put in. We experience feelings of euphoria, or happiness. We … Continue reading The Spotlight Is Incredibly Blinding

“How Do We Get There?”

A writing by Terry “Going To Church” is Not in the Bible There is nothing righteous about a building. There is also nothing righteous about a home or a living room. Most people agree that the building where people meet is not the church. It’s funny though how 99 out of 100 individuals will emphatically nod their head and say “Right, the building is not … Continue reading “How Do We Get There?”

A New Way To Begin

The appreciation for each morning has really evolved over that past few years. I lost a good friend in 2006, and it was a very trying time for me. My buddy, who actually was one of my enemies for years prior, became one of the most trusted confidants I have ever known. We would have the deepest conversations, and he was one of the reasons … Continue reading A New Way To Begin

Breaking Through The Confines Of A Hardened Heart

There is a non-fiction series that I have been watching off and on about a man who is awaiting his date of execution. It tells the story of his life as he was growing up, and it explains the progressive life of crime that led him to his current location on death row. It explains the situations that led him to make the poor decisions … Continue reading Breaking Through The Confines Of A Hardened Heart

The Competition Within Ourselves

There was a certain kid in my grade as I was growing up who always had to win. Basketball was his favorite thing to do, and he was always practicing in the parking area behind his home. When we would play at school, I remember the kid yelling about bad plays, or bad shots. He was always so frustrated with everyone, and I’m sure it … Continue reading The Competition Within Ourselves

Reaping What We Have Sown

There are some things that are not very good for us. For instance, it is not wise to eat fried foods all of the time. Although it may be delicious, it has numerous ways of harming our health. We may choose to smoke heavily, and that also has its consequences. If we were to drive over flooded roads during heavy rains, we would run the … Continue reading Reaping What We Have Sown

A Crashing Wave Of Patience

The beach; a place of peace. A picturesque collection of white sands, turquoise waters and crashing waves. A wonderful getaway that will bring peace and relaxation to my tired body, and soul. Warm water, sunshine and the company of my family. A time to make memories, and to breathe in all of the nice experiences we will have within the coming week. Ahhhh…very nice. Do … Continue reading A Crashing Wave Of Patience

Refined Relativity

A few years ago, I had experienced a difficult time within my personal life. I was going through a major refining moment, and really had to dig deep inside of myself. I had to make some changes. My comfortable family life was being jeopardized, because of my actions. There were a lot of things that were being pointed out to me that had never been … Continue reading Refined Relativity

Hidden Idolatry Within Our Gloating

Matthew 6:1-4 (NKJV) Do Good to Please God Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them. Otherwise you have no reward from your Father in heaven. Therefore, when you do a charitable deed, do not sound a trumpet before you as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory … Continue reading Hidden Idolatry Within Our Gloating

Not Worthy Of Such A Beautiful Heart

Today, my wife and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. There is not a day that goes by in which I do not thank God for the wonderful woman He has placed in my life. I really stop and think about how we have grown together, pretty often. The road that we have traveled has not been perfect, and some of the bumps along … Continue reading Not Worthy Of Such A Beautiful Heart

Why, God?

The following is the last chapter of a book titled, “Overcoming Worry Anxiety and Fear.” It is a very well-written book, and it has made a tremendous impact in my journey. Not only is it packed with info pertaining to anxiety, worry and fear, and the devastating grip it can have on people, it is also Christian-based. I am posting the last chapter. It is … Continue reading Why, God?

The Greatest!

Oh man, the degrees of pride. I started thinking about this deeply early this morning. I’m constantly working around a bunch of men who are facing many different tasks within the work day. There are a lot of different errors that can occur, and many different opinions will surface within our high-paced environment. There are often times when the strong slandering starts flying from our … Continue reading The Greatest!


Can anyone put a time limit on grieving? It is a heartbreaking experience to hear another tell you to, “get over it,” or “suck it up.” We can’t say to someone how long it must take for them to get passed something that is painful. Cutting. Something that totally messed someone up. The death of a loved one. Abuse. The mind games that people play. … Continue reading Pity

The Cover Of Night

I woke up in my recliner around 2 A.M. this morning. My sleep patterns have been really weird this week. Between putting in a lot of physical work and not getting much rest throughout the past several evenings, I have been getting up several hours before my work day has even began. Last night I had dinner, took a shower and passed out in my … Continue reading The Cover Of Night

Staying Afloat

I am very focused on letting the right things in, and leaving the wrong things out. I developed this focus not only because of harmful past experiences, but also because the new life in which I am living now, consists of love. Love is something that I had never really understood or accepted as I was growing up. Within this new personal focus; this love … Continue reading Staying Afloat

An Open Cage

Throughout my life, I have always had a habit of isolating. I’d spend time alone. It was in these times that I would run into many difficulties. There were times when the isolating was a great thing for me. When you are an introvert, you sometimes need to separate yourself from the rest of the world in order to feel like yourself. Only an introvert … Continue reading An Open Cage

A Different View (written one year ago)

Our dryer went out today, so I went to the laundromat. I remember coming here years ago. After a messed up, decade-long relationship had ended with my ex, and after my best bud died, I hated the life I was living. I had to start over, or I was going to lose it. I wanted a new life, so I started one. By myself. I … Continue reading A Different View (written one year ago)


What’s it all for, this life? We are walking on a planet that is spinning through space. Some are worrying about things like what the next person is thinking about them. Some wondering when they will find true love with someone else. Some striving to make enough money, not knowing just how much enough is. Some working towards a goal, that will bring some sort … Continue reading Simplicity

Moving Forward

My supervisor at work has a thing that I have heard him say many times throughout the years. After we’d hit a point within our daily work that brought on some kind of major problem that needed to be resolved, we would resolve the issue and he would say, “moving forward” somewhere within his dialogue. My supervisor is a very focused and organized man. I … Continue reading Moving Forward